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Meet Your Growth Partner

Yodawy helps grow your business from day one

Grow your sales, gain exposure to customers beyond your usual zone and get instant access to exclusive rebate rates and products. Pharmacies can now process more orders through our dedicated portals that are designed for speed and agility.

Grow Your Sales

Increased Traffic and Revenue

Yodawy’s pharmacy network enjoys increased order traffic to their channels via the Pharmacy and Partners Portal. The remarkable boost in sales and revenue encourages more than more 2,000 pharmacies in Egypt to consider Yodawy their digital gateway of choice.

Access New Customers

Get access to millions of customers in a matter of seconds

Yodawy grants our expanding network of over 2,000 licensed pharmacies across all governorates in Egypt access to a quickly growing consumer base. From young mothers looking for an easy-to-use trusted platform to order the family’s daily essentials, to chronic patients looking for a reliable partner to get their medications each month hassle-free.

Offer Exclusive Products

Be a part of a network that offers exclusive discounts and products

Yodawy is the partner of choice for some of the biggest international consumer brands. Our partnerships extend from pharma companies to FMCG, enabling us to provide your licensed pharmacy with the most exclusive products and discounts in the market.

Best-In-Class Partner Benefits

Join our PBM and premium partner network

Yodawy extends its digital infrastructure to its growing network of licensed pharmacies, empowering them to better serve customers. Our PBM was built from the ground up with pharmacy operations in mind to help you benefit from digital claims processing, analytics dashboard, and a 24/7 support team available for your support.

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