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Dove Oil Replacement Hair Fall Rescue, 350Ml

Dove Oil Replacement Hair Fall Rescue

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Dove Oil Replacement Hair Fall Rescue, 350Ml When your hair is your crowning glory, experiencing hair fall isn’t fun. A bit of hair loss is totally normal – most of us actually lose about 100 strands a day – but if you think you’re losing too much, your hair might need an extra dose of strength. Provide that strength with Dove Hair Fall Rescue Oil Replacement.
nFitting into your hair care routine just like a hair oil, Dove Hair Fall Rescue Oil Replacement is enriched with glycerine so the formula is instantly absorbed where it’s needed most. Nourishing hair deeply, it helps to strengthen and protect each strand to reduce hair fall* and keep it looking fuller. With that light-as-a-feather formula, styling is a dream – there’s no residue or greasiness, just smooth, soft, silky hair that you can’t stop touching. What more could you want in a crown?| Nourishes hair to help reduce hair fall*
n•Restores your hair’s shine to it’s glossy beautiful best
n•Weightless finish without a trace of stickiness or greasiness
n•Leaves hair smooth and silky
n•Suitable for every day use


350 ML



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