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Fash Kool Aloevera Hair Mask, 1500Ml

Fash Kool Aloevera Hair Mask

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Fashkool hot oil hair mask protects your hair from hair fall and damage. This Fashkool hair mask rejuvenates your hair. Give your hair a touch of freshness and nourishment with the Fashkool Hair Mask With Aloe Vera Extract. n• It also strengthens your hair with its rich vitamins and minerals content. This hair mask uses a unique formula that penetrates deep into the roots and reveals strengthened, shiny, and healthier hair.n• The Aloe Vera extract repairs dead skin cells on the scalp for the fast growth of hair. Also, it makes your hair smooth by conditioning it. n• the Fashkool hair mask is an excellent choice for people with dry hair. Goodness of Aloe Vera Aloe Vera plant is renowned for its nutritional benefits for hair. n• Aloe Vera extract leaves your hair all smooth and shiny. It enhances hair growth, reduces dandruff, and prevents itching on the scalp. n• Lastly, it is rich in nutrients that provide elasticity to your hair to prevent breakage. Deep Nourishment This Fashkool hot oil hair mask brings back the luster in your hair


1500 ML



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