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Lifebuoy Body Wash Nature, 500ml

Lifebuoy Body Wash Nature

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Lifebuoy Body Wash Nature, 500ml Lifebuoy Nature Body Wash is a refreshing bodywash with a special formulation containing natural betel leaf. Originating in south and south-east Asia the betel leaf plant is traditionally used in medicine due to its healing powers and curative properties. It’s also a very popular spice in south-east Asian cooking! The body wash deep cleanses the pores and help energise and refresh.nnThe natural goodness of betal leaf oil makes you feel energized while still protecting your skin from infections. It has Activ Silver, a powerful anti-bacterial ingredient that penetrates into germs to completely destroy them from within for 10 times better protection against germs, even stronger ones. Time to protect yourself and your loved ones with Lifebuoy, the world’s number 1 germ protection soap. nnA bath with our antibacterial Nature Bodywash will invigorate your senses. The rich foamy lather will penetrate deep into your pores, remove germs and will leave your skin feeling protected, cleansed and refreshed. Stay protected with Lifebuoy! nnOur skin is the first line of defense from the outside world. Therefore, personal hygiene is the first form of protection our skin needs. Good personal hygiene leads to protection against the spread of germs, like bacteria, which can lead to infections as well as a repelling body odour. Choose a body wash for your family from a brand that is recognised globally – Lifebuoy is recognized by the Royal Society for Public Health, London for its hygiene education efforts with respect to handwashing with soap as a disease-prevention measure.nn•Lifebuoy Nature Germ Protection Body Wash for a refreshing bathing experiencen•Powered by Activ Silver Formula – Gives you 10 Times Better Protection from Germs n•With natural betel leaf which is known for its powerful, natural antibacterial properties|Rich, foamy lather that reaches even the most difficult to reach places on the body |Easy to use for kids|Lifebuoy is the world`s Number 1 Germ Protection Soap


500 ML


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