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Villa Borghini (Sa)Anti-Dandruff Solution, 90 Ml (6X 15 Ml)

Villa Borghini (Sa)Anti-Dandruff Solution

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has been Tested in University Seat on subjects diagnostically suffered from Pytiriasis Capitis (seborrheic dermatitis/dandruff), of age between 15 and 50 years, detected in Laboratory by suitable Clinical Parameters.nThe Final Clinical Judgement, written by the Director of the University Dermatological Clinic, based on the Medical observation and on the comparison before/after of the Analytical Instrumental Data, has underlined:n• net improvement of the pathological conditions of seborrheic dermatitis;n• reset of scalp itching;n• strong decrease of desquamation;n• increase of scalp hydration of 17,07 Corneometric Unities.


6 Ampoule*15 ML



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